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Getting Discovered on Google Play

How to get e-Commerce sales on Google Play

Maria BerneMay 9th, 2022

Google Play search is an important benefit to Android device users to discover widely-used search apps. It's  Important to make sure your app and store listing is flawless and structured for your target users as it is a critical aspect in getting discovered by folks on Google Play.

Creating a personalized and compelling store listing

The choice of words in your app listing helps people in finding your app. Having  a central factor in creating an attractive app listing. When optimizing your app's store listing on Google Play, remember to keep these helpful hints in check:

App Title

Your heading should be unique and easy to remember, prevent using typical terms or phrases and highlight the overall goal of your app.


It may sound funny to some but Keeping It Short and Simple (Saw what I did there? Saw it?) is a way to get your user's heart. Longer titles tend to veer goals mile away from topic leaving many prospect users confused. 

Stay away from typos

Users may wind up expressing disappointment on misspelled keyphrases whenever unforeseen typos of simple words are said. It cannot be undone and you might just ride your train to nopeville.

App Description 

Start concentrating on your audience and what they should reap off your app.

Assessing your app's summary on Play Store to review the most relevant content is seen on the upper section of the page where visitors never have to keep scrolling. A confusing description often says what their branding is about; next thing you know, it talks about their goldfish in junior high and why they sell food on the other side of the world - confusing isn’t it? That’s one of the many reasons why you should highlight what you can offer.

Use SEO best practices in your "Description," but keep the Google Play Content Policies on spam and IP infringing in mind (for example, keyword spamming, impersonation, etc.).

Commercial Text

Give a one-sentence general overview of your app experience. Here are some examples: 

“Get exceptional money-saving deals for over 150,000 businesses across the US.”

Preview thumbnails

App icons, photos, and screenshots help guide users define your app in search results, genres, and promoted app rankings.

Although not all visuals are mandatory in your store listing, it has always been encouraged that you provide high-quality thumbnails that promote your app's supported platforms (for example, Samsung Note 20, Google Pixel, Huawei mobiles devices and different app sizes).

Expand your target market

Consider making your app listing local 

Now that publishing an app is easier with apps like Taply offering a "no-code" mobile app builder platform to everyone, publishing an app for small businesses and startup companies becomes easier. 

Now that creating an app is easier with the help of Taply, a "no-code" mobile app builder platform, publishing an app for small businesses and startup companies has become easier.  Using a professional translation service for your "Description," on the other hand, can lead to higher search results and visibility for users across the world. Actual human text translations can also be purchased from a 3rd party developer in Play Console.

Make a terrific customer journey

Depending on user activity and feedback, Google Play search impacts your user experience of your app. The rankings of apps are determined by a mix of popularity, reviews, installs, and other considerations. While the specifics of these categories and parameters are a trade secret of the Google search algorithm, you could very well try to boost your app's exposure then doing the following:

  • Creating a highly impactful experience for your users
  • Updating your app on a regular basis helps to guarantee and develop its functionality.
  • Encouraging users to submit feedback in terms of rating your app and adding comments to further act on your areas of improvement.
  • Responding to consumers and addressing concerning  factors on your app to provide excellent customer service.
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Maria Berne

Maria is a customer service manager at Taply. She's here to help you reach your goals with your mobile apps.

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