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Looking to see how your customers interact with your app? Taply's analytics feature has you covered, providing important insights to help you optimize your e-commerce business.

Don't miss a beat with your app's performance!

Session heat maps let you see when customers are using your app so you can keep track of engagement and optimize your app accordingly. Schedule your notification or product drops around the time your customers are most likely to use your app.


    Get insights on your push notification campaigns like never before

    Your app is about to get a lot more popular. Push notification analytics will help you measure the performance of your push notification campaigns and ensure that you're getting the most out of them.

    • Keep track of your push notification campaign's performance
    • Get insights into your open rates, click through rates, delivery and more
    • Optimize your campaigns for better results

    Keep your finger on the pulse

    Analytics are important for any e-commerce business, but they're especially important for mobile apps. That's why with Taply not only can you create your app with ease but you can also monitor it to make sure it's on the right track.

    • Retention rates

      Quantify changes you push through Taply. Split test different strategies and measure the impact.

    • Active users

      Find out how active your app users are with daily/monthly active users analytics metric

    • Session insights

      Discover what makes your customer coming back.

    • Platform breakdown

      Get a holistic overview of how your app is doing across platforms


    Build your app with powerful analytics today!

    There's more than analytics

    Analytics is only one of the many ways Shopify merchants use Taply to scale their business.

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