Smart app banner

Generate installs from your existing website

A woman using the taply app builder's smart app banner

Convert web visitors to highly engaged app users

With our intuitive customization features, you can create a powerful trigger point along the customer journey to convert web visitors to highly engaged, loyal app users. You can easily set a live banner on your mobile web from your dashboard, and watch as your app purchases come in.

Advanced configuration

With intuitive customization features, setting your smart app banner live on your website is easier than ever and completely in your control.
  • Custom styling

    Change the colors of your app banner to match your brand

  • Custom marketing text

    Customize your marketing text to reflect your business. Easily highlight any specific benefits of your app.

  • Custom call to action

    Adjust your call to action to improve your click-through rates

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Truely a "smart" banner

Taply's smart app banner uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your banner is being delivered with customer experience in mind.
  • Snooze prompt

    Deliver your banner without being intrusive. Optionally configure a duration for the banner to be snoozed after a user has seen it.

  • Automatic platform detection

    The smart app banner will route your users to their app stores automatically and won't show on operating systems where you do not have an app

  • Aggregate ratings

    The smart app banner can show the aggregate app store rating of your app to your customers, building your app's trust. Additionally, you can configure a fallback rating.

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Ready to convert your web traffic to loyal app users?

There's more than smart app banner

Smart App Banner is only one of the many ways Shopify merchants use Taply to scale their business.

Custom Pages

Create custom pages and funnels to highlight products, promotions, or app-exclusive content.

Managed Publishing

Easily get your brand in front of millions of users on iOS and Android.

Quick Add to Cart

Create an uninterrupted buying experience with quick add and increase cart value.

Customer Accounts

Enable a personalized mobile shopping experience with customer accounts.

Push Notifications

Recover abandon carts, welcome new users, configure rich media and more from one dashboard.


Spend less time guessing and more time growing your business.

Interactive Blocks

Content is king, deliver interactive content to your customers that will keep them coming back.

Connect with your favorite apps.

One-click to connect your mobile app with your favorite Shopify apps.

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