Push Notifications

Intelligent Push Notifications

Notifications timed perfectly to get you more conversions

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Unlock the power of push notifications

It's no secret that mobile app push notifications are the most effective marketing channel for e-Commerce. But what about the best way to create them? Taply makes it easy to create custom push notifications that are personal, relevant, and engaging - in minutes

Automated notifications

Sit back and relax while Taply's advanced automation generates sales for your app through your customers' life cycle.
  • Recover abandon carts

    Don't lose out on sales because of abandoned carts. Create an abandon cart push notification sequence & recover the conversion.

  • Welcome sequence

    Make customers feel special, create a notification sequence for new users and offer special tips or promotions.

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Push notification manager

Easily manage your notifications from one dashboaord. Create, design, and configure automation of your notifications all from the Taply push notification manager.
  • Push notification designer

    Design your notification directly from the dashboard. Preview the notification within the Taply dashboard before sending it off.

  • Rich media

    Attach images, gifs, and more to your push notification. Give your products special exposure on your customers' lock screen.

  • Preview notifications

    Send a test notification directly to you or your team in the Taply preview app to test the notification before sending it off to users

  • Schedule notification

    Schedule notifications for a future date and let us handle the rest

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Measure campaign performance

View in-depth actionable insights into your push notification campaign performance. Easily view and duplicate the push notification copies that are working well for your business.
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    Unlock push notifications for your business today

    There's more than push notifications

    Push Notifications is only one of the many ways Shopify merchants use Taply to scale their business.


    Reach a global market with localization and multi-currency support.

    Interactive Blocks

    Content is king, deliver interactive content to your customers that will keep them coming back.

    Custom Pages

    Create custom pages and funnels to highlight products, promotions, or app-exclusive content.

    Customer Accounts

    Enable a personalized mobile shopping experience with customer accounts.


    Spend less time guessing and more time growing your business.

    Quick Add to Cart

    Create an uninterrupted buying experience with quick add and increase cart value.

    Managed Publishing

    Easily get your brand in front of millions of users on iOS and Android.

    Connect with your favorite apps.

    One-click to connect your mobile app with your favorite Shopify apps.

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