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Unlock your new customer acquisition channelTap into the world's largest marketplace - the app stores


Billion app downloads annually


Average reduction in CPAs


Average uptake in organic sales

Customers are searching for you

Google Play Store and Apple App Store remain the second and third largest search engines by volume. The truth is, with features such as siri suggestions and google showing apps in search, apps will continue to take precedence over websites. Best of all, ranking on the app stores remains less competitive than traditional SEO.
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    Unlock untapped acquisition channels

    It's no secret that most internet browsing happens on mobile apps. Moreover, a growing number of advertising networks only support mobile apps for a seamless user experience. Most importantly, these ad networks have high intent & lower CPCs because of less competition in auctions. Apple Search Ads, Google App Ads, Unity Ads, are some of the fastest-growing app exclsuive advertising channels.
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      Keep your finger on the pulse

      Analytics are important for any app, but they're especially important for brands that are focusing on customer acqusition. That's why with Taply not only can you create your app with ease but you can also monitor it to make sure it's on the right track.
      • Retention rates

        Quantify changes you push through Taply. Split test different strategies and measure the impact.

      • Active users

        Find out how active your app users are with daily/monthly active users analytics metric

      • Session insights

        Discover what makes your customer coming back.

      • Platform breakdown

        Get a holistic overview of how your app is doing across platforms


      Discover how Taply can help acquire new customers

      Taply's powerful features help acquire new customers and more

      Customer Accounts

      Enable a personalized mobile shopping experience with customer accounts.


      Spend less time guessing and more time growing your business.

      Managed Publishing

      Easily get your brand in front of millions of users on iOS and Android.

      Custom Pages

      Create custom pages and funnels to highlight products, promotions, or app-exclusive content.

      Interactive Blocks

      Content is king, deliver interactive content to your customers that will keep them coming back.

      Push Notifications

      Recover abandon carts, welcome new users, configure rich media and more from one dashboard.

      Quick Add to Cart

      Create an uninterrupted buying experience with quick add and increase cart value.

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      Powerful integrations for Customer Acquisition and more

      One-click to connect your mobile app with your favorite Shopify apps.

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